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Fighting for Your Freedom, Equality, and Opportunity

Please consider donating to get this campaign off and running!

House District 100


 Get To Know Me 

Jennifer Ambler has lived in Forsyth County for close to 4 years and has fully adopted Georgia as her new home. Originally from Florida, she graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in Political Science and Economics, then lived in Philadelphia and NYC, starting her own tax preparation company and working in musical theater. She missed warmth and backyards though, so she and her husband Adam moved to Forsyth in 2020. 

Jennifer has always had a passion for politics and believes that government should be a tool to help people live their best lives. She is currently the Treasurer of the Forsyth Country Democrats.

She is also a political comedian, writing parody songs about current affairs. Check out her work at


Top 3 priorities of Jennifer's Campaign

Restoring Reproductive Choice 

The women of GA have the right to bodily autonomy, and to access necessary medical care without the law getting between them and their doctors. 

Expand Medicaid

Every Georgian should have access to high quality healthcare without fear of bankruptcy or being forced to choose between medicine or rent and food. Not to mention it makes fiscal sense - Georgians pay federal income tax for Medicaid, but get no benefit, and our hospitals are closing at alarming rates due to the number of patients that can't pay for necessary care. 

Voting Rights

Georgia should be doing everything possible to make it easier to vote while preserving security of elections, such as stopping purges of voters, making mail-in voting more accessible and using an independent redistricting committee to draw lines rather than legislators themselves. Georgia should also consider implementing Ranked Choice Voting to eliminate costly runoffs while ensuring all voices are heard.

 How You Can Help 

Right now the campaign is looking for people who want to help organize the campaign, analyze data, and host or run events.

And of course, we need money to get started so please donate if you are able!

Please get in touch if you would like to be on the ground floor of this endeavor!

Later on, we will need door-knockers, text-bankers, and postcard writers, sign up for updates and stay tuned!

Upcoming Events

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